Reflected legacy

Reflected Legacy Co-founder Flutter Lyon
Reflected Legacy Co-founder Flutter Lyon

What a wonderful idea!

The Reflected Legacy project with artist Flutter Lyon has been started to bring comfort, support and creativity to the Palliative Care Ward at Liverpool Hospital,Sydney. The goal is to transform a grey hospital ward with colour and conversation, and capture the life stories of people who are in the final stages of their lives, in beautiful visual artworks and sound recordings.

Check out the video here.

(The potential for this work has been limited by Covid-19 visitor restrictions. But we hope to see it return to full vigour again very soon.)

When visitors were able to go into the Palliative Care Ward at Liverpool Hospital, they were also comforted by the harp playing of music therapist Jenni Sawell.

In the UK, the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice has their own creative project happening for palliative care as well and you can explore more on that right here.

Expressing grief through art is a wonderful way to help to let it go. The Grieve Project can help you to do this.



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