My friend Margie says goodbye to her brother Stephen

Michael Leunig’s prayful  inspiration and Stephen with his nephew

steve & james copy 3

“I’d been asked by my brother Stephen’s children to say the eulogy at his funeral,” said my friend, another Margie.

“At first I wondered how I could possibly do it, whether I would have the strength. As I thought about who Stephen was, I realised he was such an engaging person. He could strike up a conversation with anyone – a waitress,  a judge, everyone. I was grappling with how I’d present this and the overwhelming love I felt for him. As I wondered what I would do, I happened upon this prayer by Michael Leunig,” she said.

Let us live in such a way 

That when we die

Our love will survive

And continue to grow.


“It struck me that’s the sort of life Stephen had lived. Not only would his love survive but it would multiply, despite his death, because Stephen had lived a life that was so utterly and completely characterised by his loving relationships. So I used that prayer to show who Stephen was.”

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