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Thanks 2GB for talking to us about the good death.

Dr Ginni Mansberg interviewed me about death yesterday.

Kayley Harris and Dr Ginni Mansberg teamed up to discuss ways to improve the approach to death in our culture, on their program Healthy Living, on 2GB, last night, prompted by their own personal experiences over the loss of their fathers. And they invited me to share some thoughts. Listen … Read more

Five easy steps to prepare for the end of life while you’re young and skittish.

the feet of a person in white gown with flower petals on the floor

This newsletter formed the basis of my talk with the Lifting the Lid online International Festival, in November, 2022. Well, not so easy really. Of course, to paraphrase my friend and fellow death writer Sally Tisdale I have never died so what would I know? I’m also relatively young, at 63, so … Read more

It’s not what you see in the movies, says Kathryn Mannix.

It's not what you see in the movies, Kathryn says.

We love this. Kathryn Mannix is a palliative care specialist from the UK who we admire. And she’s recently written a book on approaching death, With The End In Mind. This is a similar take to mine – which is not as surprising as it may seem. Because when people … Read more