Fear of death

Mortals with Ross and Rachel Menzies

Rachel and Ross Menzies - Good Grief

This article was updated on April 27, 2023. It discusses death anxiety. Ross and Rachel might be friends, but Professor Ross Menzies and Dr Rachel Menzies are also father and daughter—both psychologists who have authored their third book together, the fascinating Mortals: How the Fear of Death Shaped Human Society. … Read more

Billy Connolly says the best way to deal with a fear of death is to laugh in its face.

Billy Connolly talks down death using comedy, BBC Scotland

This article was updated on April 10, 2023. It discusses how Billy Connolly deals with the fear of death. Comedian Billy Connolly says he uses comedy as a way of coping with his fear of illness and death. The Glasgow born comic, who is 78, has Parkinson’s disease and prostate … Read more

When the fear of running out of money is greater than the fear of death.

Five Invitations, from Frank Ostaseski's website.

This article was updated on 24, August 2022. It discusses poverty in retirement. “Some people fear running out of money more than death itself,” said ABC TV’s financial commentator Alan Kohler’s on poverty in retirement. You can see why. Kohler was making the point because with the Covid-19 led recession, … Read more

Is fear of death a factor in some mental illness?

Death Anxiety - cover of InPsych, December 2018.

The article “Death anxiety – the worm at the core of mental illness” argues that death anxiety is a hidden factor in many mental illness, and that this crosses over into many disorders. The article, by Rachel E. Menzies and Associate Professor Ross G. Menzies, was published in the Australian … Read more