Facing loss

Sometimes the source of our grief is not noticeable to others.

The birth of a new baby, even though good, is an example of a big life transition. Photo-Aditya-Romansa-@adroman-via-Unsplash.png

This article was updated on 1 November, 2022. It discusses grief in retirement. We all know it – grief is part of life. And it’s not just the obvious, big things like the death of friends or family that cause this pain. Sometimes the source of grief and loss is … Read more

There is ash in our hearts…

There us ash in our hearts

When I closed Good Grief for the 2019 summer break, fires were already licking at Australia. The anxiety this was causing was a good reason to pull up stumps a little earlier than usual. Of course as the summer progressed in this great, sunburnt land the fires got worse and … Read more