Biographies help the dying

Biography services are for the dying and the living.

Kate Bowman explains the value of biography services.

It’s a common misconception that palliative care biography services are mainly to capture the life story of someone dying for their family. Manager of the Volunteer Support Service Programme at Palliative Care NSW Kate Bowman says ‘the goal is not to give your family a pamphlet with photos – that … Read more

List of Biography Services in NSW – please also let us know about other ones near you. 

Here is a list of Biography services, Photo by Kaitlyn Baker- Unsplash

Here is a list of Biography Services in NSW, which you can contact. They can help document the story of the dying. This list of Biography Services was shared with us by Palliative Care NSW. For more information about the fabulous range of volunteers services that these Palliative Care Volunteers … Read more

Biographies – a legacy and also a therapy for the dying.

Biography program creates a legacy for the dying

Sometimes, when someone is dying they just don’t want to focus on their disease any more. And during Covid-19, like many of the rest of us, the dying need a break from that too. That’s when a biography service for the dying can be just what the doctor ordered. “We’ve … Read more