Free services for pensioners from the Trustee and Guardian.

Trustee and Guardian's Office gives free advice to pensioners.
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Free drafting of documents is done for pensioners by the NSW Trustee And Guardian.

NSW Trustee and Guardian is a state government agency that provides a full range of Wills and Estate Planning services for the community.   The preparation of Estate Planning documents such as Will, Power of attorney and Enduring Guardian is a FREE  service  for full aged pensioners with the NSW Trustee and Guardian .  

Will makers, such as Margot Kennedy, travels around the community to help people sort out their legal and health forward planning, so that their families don’t have to deal with messy problems and complications when a person dies.

Margot is the Acting Manager of the NSW Trustee and Guardian Wollongong Branch . She and her team usually travel as far as Eden to provide Estate Planning Services to various communities .  

 They provide advice on subjects such as wills (who you would like to inherit your estate and look after your children), and executors (the person or organisation which will carry out the wishes of your will) and information  on the benefits  of preparing a Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian.

“We haven’t had much of chance to get back into communities because of Covid-19 over the last two years. But we’re looking forward to providing our pop-up locations to meet  various community groups to provide our important service” Margot said.

Margot will be speaking at:

Conversations around Death and Dying

At Wollongong Memorial Gardens,

Main Chapel

176 Berkeley Road Unanderra,

from 9.30-11am on Wednesday, March 30.

She’ll discuss:

  • A brief back ground on the work of the NSW Trustee And Guardian
  • Some statistics on the people in NSW who have planned ahead for their future legal and health matters
  • the importance of planning ahead
  • an overview on what’s involved for executors, those with power of attorney and enduring guardians.

Other guest speakers on the day will be:

  • Margaret Rice – Author of ‘A Good Death’ and convenor of
  • John Chilby – Operations Manager, Wollongong Memorial Gardens, Wollongong City Council
  • Bianka Eifler – Bereavement Coordinator/Counsellor, Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District

Book through Eventbrite:

or phone (02) 4227 7780 to book.

It’s a free event with a cup of tea and question time afterwards.

You can also join us via live stream.

You can also go directly to then enter:
Event ID – WollongongMG      
Password – 2QN67F

Live streaming means we’ll be Covid safe – and you can join us from anywhere in the world.

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  1. Hi my name is Jan Currey. Just looking for some advice on wills and enduring power of attorney. I am a pensioner and I live in WA. Can you suggest anyone that could help me in Bunbury or Busselton region. Not sure who to ask or where to go and it can be very costly to do that paperwork. Thanks for your time regards Jan.


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