‘Comfort Food for Grief’ – Lyndey Milan’s Stuffed Eggplants.

Lyndey Milan's recipe for Stuffed Eggplants

“I find this dish incredibly comforting on a personal level,” explains Australian cooking and media personality, Lyndey Milan.

“Not sure if it is because it includes mince – beef or lamb is fine – which is easy to eat and digest and brings back memories of childhood.

“Or the hint of nutmeg in the cheese sauce. It could be that, as nutmeg is believed to relieve pain,  reduce stress and help with insomnia.”

“There is, of course, the ease of being able to prepare it in advance. I cooked it recently for the first time in ages and it warmed not only my friends and me, but all our hearts. It was so well received.

“This is why it is my next choice for our series on Comfort Food For Grief,” Lyndey says.

This dish speaks more than you can.

“When wanting to let a bereaved friend or family member know that you are thinking of them, that you are there for them, dropping this meal at their door is the ideal gesture,” she says.

“We often want to know what we can do to help. But by delivering this directly, rather than ignoring the topic or offering platitudes, we give a feeling of warmth, well-being and ease that can be restorative.”

“The dish speaks more than you can.

“It is also something a bereaved person would probably not feel like cooking but would appreciate eating. I say both these things from personal experience.

“Best of all, you make it all in advance, put the stuffed eggplant topped with cheese in an oven tray or disposable foil tray (then there’s no washing up) and drop it off to your friend or family member. You can speak to them, or not. Just do what feels right and hand over the dish with instructions to put in a 180’C oven for 30 – 35 minutes. Or write that as a note inside a loving card which you can leave.

“Let me know how you get on.”

Lyndey loves to hear feedback about her recipes. And she knows grief, something she has explained to us before. So please get in touch with her. You can contact Lyndey at:

And the recipe for this dish is on her website at:

Lyndey is an ambassador for the Leukaemia Foundation.

This article shows her role and links through to her story.

About the Comfort Food For Grief series.

Lyndey Milan and Margaret Rice
Lyndey Milan and Margaret Rice

In this occasional series Lyndey, Australian cooking and media personality, shares ‘Comfort Food for Grief’ – wholesome ideas for special foods to comfort you or those you love, during difficult emotional times.
When we met it was immediately clear there was a strong connection between our missions. Lyndey is passionate about food – and the way it brings people together – for the better. Margaret is passionate about providing comfort for those who are grieving.
How wonderful to be able to bring these two ideas together, wrapping grief in the practical support that food brings to this very human experience, which we all have to go through.

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