A video about showering for someone dying at home.

Press play to find our essential tips for helping someone close to the end of life to shower.

Here are Good Grief’s four videos about showering, in our series on companioning someone dying at home. In each one, home palliative care worker Kellie Cooper-Smith shares her practical wisdom about showering for someone dying at home.

These tasks seem so simple and straight forward when you’re well. But when you’re extremely ill, these can be a real challenge – and even worse when you’re dying. To feel clean and refreshed is something we take for granted but for someone who’s very weak because they’re moving towards the end of life, the value increases yet the task is harder. Their world is now smaller and these physical comforts are so important. But they need support to achieve them.

Kellie gives you straight forward, practical and effective advice. All our videos are timed to be short, between two and three minutes only, so it’s easy to whip through the information and then go straight to the task at hand.

To help you further, Kellie has uploaded a matching Fact Sheet, which is beautifully laid out and easy to follow. How about printing it out and laminating it, so you can keep it in your bathroom?

If the person who you are helping is up to it, give them the chance to watch the video with you. That way, they can understand the steps you’re taking and the reasons behind them – mostly about safety, but also about enhancing the experience.

Here they are:

1) Showering – Getting ready.

We show you how prepare for the shower, by having the right equipment on hand, and ensuring safety.

2)    Little items you’ll need.

What are the items you’ll need that are easy to overlook, yet will keep the person safe and comfortable?

3)   The process.

 If you follow the steps suggested here, you’ll be able to ensure the person you’re helping finishes their shower feeling clean, safe and renewed. 

4)  The bigger equipment.

  If someone’s illness is advanced you are likely to need more and larger equipment, which we list here. 

Kellie’s Fact Sheet.

Here is the link to Kellie’s Fact Sheet.

A video about showering for someone dying at home - Kellie Cooper Smith's Fact Sheet.
Kellie’s Fact sheet ‘Showering’ can be found at

All our videos sit in our resource hub:

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