Writing Life Well

A good death: a compassionate and practical guide to prepare for the end of life started with an idea – very much from my own personal experience – that I wanted to share.

It was the wonderful people at Murdoch Books, with special championing from Corinne Roberts, who encouraged and supported me as I turned my conviction into a book. 

With Corinne Roberts
With Corinne Roberts

At the same time that the ideas were brewing and to help turn my journalistic skills (all about the short sharp news story), into the longer narrative form, I attended the Faber Writing Academy. It’s run by Allen and Unwin, Murdoch Books’ sister organisation.

I studied how to write a novel under the tutelage of gifted story teller and teacher Kathryn Heyman.

Now I’ve got a chance to give something back. I’ll be speaking at a Faber symposium on November 16. It’s called Writing Life Well: How inspiring, influential and simply useful narrative and illustrated books are created.

If you’ve got ideas swimming around in your head that you’d like to catch, it would be great if you could join us. And even if you haven’t, but just want to learn more about writing, let’s go fishing!

To find out more about The Faber Writing Academy’s symposium, go to:

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