What has grief taught Claudia Tyson?

Claudia Tyson at our local coffee shop
Claudia Tyson at our local coffee shop

Claudia is a warm face who brightens up my local coffee shop, first thing in the morning. She works for a mission organisation, Church Missionary Society. But we’ve chatted with her today because she’s our neighbour. Her response to our two questions, which we’re asking a few people this year, shows that the people who have the wisdom to support us when times are troubled, are right in our midst. All we have to do is tap each other on the shoulder, to take time out of our daily commute to connect to the other.

What has grief taught you?

Grief has taught me it’s real and that I have to be patient to process exactly all the emotions and even the physical pain of grief – that it’s not just going to go away, but that it takes a while.  Grief can creep in when you least expect it too. But that’s okay – it’s all just part of the journey and of learning.

Grief has also taught me that I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was, and a lot more resilient. It has shown me that all the psychology apps I thought were meaningless have revealed to me how to process grief in my own time.

What is Covid-19 teaching you?

I’ve done better than many during Covid-19. It’s forced me to slow down, and reassess everything that I’m involved in, in my life. I’ve struggled with other people and their anxiety around Covid-19. So I’ve learnt patience and how to tame my tongue.

And it’s reminded me to appreciate creation and my surroundings much more.


Others have learnt from grief. Below is the answer of Harriet Price, councillor on Woollahra Council, Sydney, to the question “What has grief taught you?”

And what has grief taught Susan Marcuccio?

And then, what has grief taught Robin Low?

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