On mothers – and what we appreciate when they’re gone.

Today a nod to all the mothers who have gone, because it’s my mother’s birthday.

These days I don’t miss her but I feel her presence very strongly. The connection is more revealed.

I feel her older woman’s body when I’m on my walk and my muscles ache or when I wish I was more nimble when I’m getting out of the car with my bags of groceries.

I hear her voice when I’m explaining something to a grandchild or when I laugh at something funny they’ve just said.

I am pleasantly surprised by how much sense she made. And her elder’s kind of wisdom is appreciated so much more by me now.

I’d like to reach out and have a cup of tea with her, sharing what we know, now that I know (almost!) as much as she did. But that is not to be.

And I wonder, is that the nature of it? That all you can do is pass the knowledge along. In a way that’s good because it can’t go round in circles, in a tight unyielding loop.

My friend Katherine wrote a terrific tribute to her mother I posted once before. It deserves the spotlight again, so here it is.

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