Meeting Picaluna’s beautiful funeral celebrants.

Margaret Rice with Greg Inglis and Elizabeth Trevan of Picaluna Funerals (landscape)
Margaret Rice with Greg Inglis and Elizabeth Trevan of Picaluna Funerals

Picaluna Funerals does things differently and Good Grief! loves this. It’s great when you get to talk with others in the ‘death’ space working to improve our culture’s approach.

Last month I was invited by Picaluna CEO Greg Inglis to speak to 22 Picaluna inductee funeral celebrants about Good Grief!

As well as meeting new people, we met up with some wonderful old friends, including Sharon Swinbourne, interviewed for Good Grief! a few years ago. (See the link to that story below.)

Funeral celebrants have an important role to play in managing experiences of both death and grief. So it was the ideal match and I was very grateful to share ideas with people who are crucial links in the death- funeral ‘chain’.

Thank you to all those present who followed up by taking a peep at Good Grief! – especially those who signed up to the Good Grief! newsletter. This creates a great opportunity for you to share our information (which is completely free) – with your grieving clients, and therefore support them. (And a disclaimer of sorts about our mutual admiration society: Picaluna is now an advertiser in the Good Grief! newsletter.)

From the moment we first met the Picaluna team, at a North Sydney Conversations about Death and Dying event some years ago, which they supported, we knew they were breaking the mould.

Meeting Picaluna's beautiful funeral celebrants - Greg Inglis and Elizabeth Trevan

We met Kathryn Breusch, a Picaluna funeral celebrant who spoke at that event in 2019. She later sent us a fantastic photo which became a Good Grief! posting.

I interviewed the amazing Michael Barbato at this event, about death bed visions. To hear this interview, go to:

The Picaluna model is a fascinating one. Greg and his team’s goal is to provide unique funerals for people and at considerably lower than the usual cost. To find out more about the Picaluna business model, see the link below to the video interview with Greg. Bear in mind that this video was made in 2018 and Picaluna has flourished since then.

Here is our article about Kathryn.

Greg Inglis talks about the Picaluna business model in this video.

To get more of a feel for Picaluna, read the article “Forgotten man remembered with surfboard scattering of ashes, at:

And to read about the Funeral Celebrants Association evening when Sharon Swinbourne and I first met, see below:

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