Our first hubbub of 2020 was at Waverton.

The first talk this year was held at the Waverton Hub.

We focused on

  • Why you need to organise your paperwork and the four most important steps to do this.
  • Using common-place ‘frailty indexes’ to make your own realistic assessment of your health now and your future prospects – an important first step in acknowledging whether you need to prepare with haste or can afford to move a bit more slowly.

“Margaret’s talk will lift the lid on the taboos that surround death, sharing practical information and compassionate advice from multiple sources to break down boundaries and offer better choices of care to suit individual needs. Margaret’s aim is to help the dying and their carers feel less isolated, and help us all face death better prepared,” explains Hub organiser Luke Keighery.

The Waverton Hub, I belong

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