We talked – at Secret Book Stuff

As the sun set over the mouth of the Hunter River, looking out to Pirate Point and Nobby’s Lighthouse, we began our conversation about death, this most challenging of subjects – and why it is the way it is in the modern world.

About 40 people were at Secret Book Stuff, at Shop 3a, 110 Scott St, Newcastle, last Friday 13 September – an auspicious date for such a subject.

We talked and shared experiences. Expertise came from all corners of the room – it came in the form of medical specialists, a young person who had suffered grief and someone who shared the spiritual lessons of a kookaburra.

Wisdom, experiences and thoughts were shared. Connections were made. Death was discussed but life was celebrated.

Are. You. Brave Enough. To join. This conversation at Secret Book Stuff?
Shop 3a, Newcastle Station, 110 Scott St, Newcastle. 

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