Join us at Death Cafe at Jannali on March 11 – everyone welcome.

Preparing for Death Cafe
Photo shoot with The Leader.

We’ll be running another Death Cafe on March 11 at the St George and Sutherland Community College at 127-129 Sutherland Rd, Jannali on Saturday March 11.

It goes from 10am til 12 noon.

At a death cafe you express your thoughts and experiences. The facilitators guide, so the conversation is shared. But otherwise they take a backseat.

Food, tea and coffee are an important part of it so there’s a real sense of a get together.

Morning Tea is proudly sponsored by Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries

Click here to visit their Facebook page.

It’s a free event but please register so we know how many cakes to order!

The death cafe movement was started by Englishman Jon Underwood. Watch his short video explaining the nature and philosophy of death cafe.

Read our story in The St George and Sutherland Shire Leader here:

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