I’m not going


Traecey was in a car accident when she was in her early twenties and nearly died.

She spent many long days in the intensive care unit, fighting for her life. One day Traecey was unconscious and delirious. She told her mother, Pat that her Auntie Bonnie had been to visit.

“She wants me to go with her but I keep telling her I’m not going with her because she hasn’t brought me any flowers,” Traecey kept saying to her mother, in her ramblings.

Actually, Traecey’s Auntie Bonnie had died several years before. Pat didn’t want Traecey to go with her Auntie Bonnie either! No flowers were allowed in ICU but Pat got permission from the hospital to bring a flower in, as long as it was in a tube.

Pat put a single red rose in a tube on Traecey’s dressing table, so Traecey would know she wanted her to stay here – with her – alive.

Traecey’s experience with end-of-life visions are not unusual.

If you are interested in learning more David Kessler’s Do the Dead Greet the Dying? explores the topic including how to interact with someone having an end-of-life vision.

Watch a video of the American hospice caregivers reporting their patients’ experiences of visions of loved ones before death.

Netflix also has a series Surviving Death that explores end-of-life visions amongst other things. Suspend disbelief and read Sandra Moon’s review here.

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