I did it my way

The favourite expression of some Anglican friends is: “the best is yet to come.”

They’re referring to life after death, and it’s a very comforting thought.

But for 83-year-old Scottish Margaret this has turned out to be true before then, right at the end of life, while she lives in a nursing home and copes with dementia.

As you can see from the attached video, with a little bit of support from her amazing enabler, carer James, (also the singer Jamie Lee Morley), she’s been able to call on her enduring skills as a singer to not only enliven herself, but to reach No. 7 on the  iTunes Top 40 UK Pop Songs live chart.

We love you Margaret! You epitomise the saying “Die living, rather than live dying.”

And yes, we know, I Did It My Way is one of the most played songs at funerals – which causes some ministers of religion to roll their eyes in exasperation. But coming from Margaret, singing it through her years of wisdom, with her husky, reflective depth, it loses the egotistical overtones of Ole Blue Eyes and projects connection to others.

Here is Margaret and Jamie’s exquisite video, My Way (Charity Single) By Margaret Mackie & Jamie Lee Morley:

Thank you to HelloCare for leading us to this. The HelloCare article about the duo can be found at:

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