Good grief: how can we make it easier to talk about death?


Yes, this is our mantra too.

We shared the link to this story in our March newsletter.
“For many people, grief is private – and shameful. Two young women want to bring it out of the shadows,” writes Jehan Casinader, in this piece of Feb 27,  from
Jehan’s piece looks at gaps in death and grief support for the young. While young people are not as likely to die as older people, they still have to confront the deaths of others.
“In other cultures, grief is shared. But in Western culture, it’s private,” explains Julia Craig, who Jehan interviews.
Julia and Jodie Botica have decided to do their bit to provide a solution, starting ‘Wish You Were Here’, to connect young adults who have experienced grief, and give them a safe space to talk about it. They hope to have a website up soon and we wish them luck.

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