Even Harvard knows about grief.

Even Harvard knows about grief.

Updated February 2, 2022.

Friend and fellow traveller Mimi passed this info along. It’s a resource to help with grief, prepared by Harvard Medical School’s publishing house.

This line attracted our attention:

“You’ll learn that some of the things we’ve been taught about grief don’t necessarily hold true.”

For example,
*denial can actually be helpful
*anger isn’t always part of grief
* there is no single path to overcoming grief or any guarantee of ‘closure’.

To find out more about this resource, go to:


Others have discovered changes to what we hold to be true about grief and distilled them very eloquently. For example, Chris Hall’s 2014 paper “Recent developments in our understanding of grief and bereavement”.

Chris’s paper can be tracked down through the following link:

Harvard Medical Publishing published an updated version of its article The Profound Sadness of Prolonged Grief, on 27 January, 2022.

This article noted that: “With COVID, bedside goodbyes and social support were off the table. If you can’t process the permanence of the loss, it is difficult to move forward.” Read more here.

We interviewed Mimi when she shared a beautiful story about a spiritual experience. To find out more about this go to:

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