Covid 19: Good news and updates.

My friend and journalist Helen Pitt tweeted the positive news in the accompanying photo recently.

Here is today’s update:

212,018 people have now recovered from Covid-19.

To follow updates on Covid-19 stats, go to:

Marco, who works in construction, sent me what was close to an excellent resource on distinguishing the Covid-19 virus from the common cold.

“I don’t know how reliable it is,” he said.

It was good but slightly over-reached in some assertions. I won’t reprint it but instead will direct you to this excellent review of it on a UK fact-checking website.

This is an important piece of information and myth-buster at the same time.

This article from The Conversation expands the points made by Amy Sagar and Carly Dalton in our earlier article ‘Adapting the funeral starts now.

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