Ambos give one last trip to the beach

Photo taken by Danielle Kellan, Queensland Ambulance Service

This one might be familiar to some…but it’s a lovely story to repeat at Christmas time. Thank you Paul E for sharing.

Two Queensland paramedics who went out of their way to fulfil the final wishes of a dying patient say they’re humbled by the worldwide attention they’ve received, after their story was posted on Facebook.

Graeme Cooper and Danielle Kellan were transporting their patient to the palliative care unit.

“She said she loved the esplanade and the beach and we said, ‘Well, do you want us to take you down by the esplanade and pop you out of the truck and give you a look at the ocean?’ Mr Cooper said.

“She was just ecstatic.”

They ended up taking the patient to the beach twice, after being called to bring her home from the hospital a second time.

“We said, ‘How about that beach run again?’ and she said, ‘Oh could we?’ and we said ‘Absolutely’.

Ms Kellan said she was privileged to be able to accommodate the woman’s request.

“I said to the patient, ‘what are you thinking?’ She was looking out towards Fraser Island and she said, ‘I’m at peace, everything’s right’.”

This is an excerpt from the ABC’s story at:

The paramedics’ act spread around the world and even touched Harry and Meghan, who chose to catch up with them on Fraser Island.

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