Who needs to know?


When someone dies who needs to be told?

It can be hard to work this out, especially when you are grieving. It may not feel necessary and it may be the last thing on your mind.

But letting the appropriate people know will stop them from sending unnecessary mail and inquiries later. Some organisations, such as banks, may need to know so they can release funds or vital information to the next-of-kin. Some will require formal, written evidence of the death, such as a death certificate.

Here are some of the organisations you need to tell: banks, credit card companies, employers, health professionals, insurance companies, the local council, and utilities such as electricity, gas and phone companies.

Choice has developed a handy, helpful checklist of what to do when someone close to you dies.

Australian Seniors have developed a handy PDF e-book What to Do When Someone Dies.

The Australian Department of Human Services has also developed a handy checklist. But it could be helpful for international followers too.

Click to access who-to-notify-checklist.pdf

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