Pharmacists and palliative care.

Pharmacists are key players in the delivery of effective palliative care because they deliver and manage the drugs to help ease symptoms, especially pain.

‘In many ways, they are unseen essential workers, caring for those in need during a critical time.’ said South Australian pharmacist Paul Tait MPS, who is highlighted in the June edition of the ELDAC newsletter, edition 29. (ELDAC stands for End of Life Directions for Aged Care.)

Paul is conducting a research project into palliative care at Flinders University and is also running a survey of pharmacists.

Paul, and others were interviewed by Australian Pharmacist on the role of pharmacists in palliative care. This can be found at:

Click here for Paul’s ELDAC survey for community pharmacists and their role in palliative care.

For more on palliative care, go to:

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