“Inseparable until the end” – The Pulse shares a terrific story.

Western Sydney Health News ‘The Pulse’ tells a beautiful story today – showing just how innovative palliative care can be – right up until the end. We can’t say it better, so we’ll just let them tell their story.

(And Thank you to doctors Jacob Kwak and Tim Chow, who are the heroes of this story.)

“They shared a lifetime of memories together, raised two children, became grandparents and were married a remarkable 54 years,” The Pulse says.

“Richard Barr, a patient of Blacktown Hospital, was relocated from the cardiac ward to join his wife Lorraine Barr in the cancer services and renal ward for her final moments.”

They held hands as Lorraine, comforted by her husband and family, passed away on 28 May.

Richard and Lorraine Barr on their wedding day, photo from The Pulse.

Lorraine’s daughter Karen Vella, a domestic violence specialist and social worker, shared her gratitude and appreciation for the care and kindness shown with fulfilling her mother’s last requests.

“Both of my parents were in Blacktown Hospital at the same time. Mum was being treated for complications with her cancer while dad was recovering from a heart condition,” Karen said.

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