Graham’s story


It is fascinating but not surprising how experiences of grief can be quite different.

“My mother died in a car crash. She drove into the path of an oncoming vehicle about 15 years ago – fully her fault,” Graham said.

“We felt no anger at either her or the other driver – just a profound sense of regret that her life was cut short when she was in her early 70s.

“For me, my biggest sense of loss was that she was not there as a grandmother to my children, something she had done wonderfully until then.”

This event was the principal motivation for Graham to begin writing his memoir of growing up in Arnhem Land Children of Arnhem’s Kaleidoscope as he wanted his mother’s story to be told.

Graham Wilson’s book can be found at:

He has gone on to write eight novels in two series: one set in the Northern Territory and one set in Sydney.

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