Book review: Journeys of the Heart

Journeys of the Heart by Jodi Rose. Arbon Publishing.

After losing her husband, the famous Australian swimmer Murray Rose, Jodi searched out the stories of other carers who were there for those they loved, supporting them until they died. Those interviews turned into this collection of stories.

The subtitle of her book is “Carers’ stories of love, loss and transformation.” That’s because  as she shares the stories of  people who took on this most daunting of tasks, she shows how they were changed – for the better. Some of the carers lament the gaps in services that make life for both the carer and the dying harder. Hopefully, these prods will show our communities how we can improve this experience.

The Sunday Times’ bestselling  author, UK based historical novelist, Kate Mosse has stepped out of her usual genre to write An Extra Pair of Hands: Juggling care, guilt and grief. Watch Kate’s recent interview with Hospice UK’s Tracey Bleakley, filmed in September, 2021.

Another journey of the heart is Gary Andrew’s Finding Joy, a pictorial diary after losing his wife.


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