Icon Funeral Services

Icon Funeral Services
Con Kostakidis Managing Director

Icon Funeral Services offers compassionate and personalised funeral services with over 45 years of combined experiences.

Our dedicated team of funeral professionals provides personalised attention and guidance throughout the entire funeral planning process, creating meaningful and personalised funeral services that truly reflect the life and personality of the person being honoured.

  • Trusted Funeral Service Provider
  • Diverse Range of Backgrounds and Cultures
  • Experienced and Dedicated Team
  • Highest Level of Care and Support
  • Honoring the Lives of the Ones We Have Lost
  • 45+ Years of Combined Industry Experience

Religious services:

  • Jehovahs Witness
  • Greek Orthodox
  • Macedonian Orthodox
  • Maronite catholic
  • New Age Followers
  • Russian Orthodox
  • Serbian Orthodox
  • Anglican
  • Baptist
  • Catholic
  • Church of England
  • Coptic Orthodox
  • Evangelist